Installation of traditional custodian of Shangano

A ceremony to install the traditional custodian of the Shangano ruins will be held on August 31, to which the Nambya Cultural Association (NCA) and the Nambiya Development Organisation Trust (NDOT) invites the public.

NCA Chairman Gabriel Ncube says this is an opportunity to know more about the Nambya customs and tradition.

Shangano is one of three major monuments in the Hwange area that characterize the Nambya dynasty, in addition to the Bumbusi ruins and the Matowa ruins. The walls of Shangano ruins are built of a vast quantity of small sandstone rocks laid on top of each other to a height of of about 4 to 5 feet. Today much of the wall enclosure has  collapsed due to unprotection from the weather and wild animals.

According to tradition, one of the sons of the Rozvi Chingamire fled north and founded the site in the 18th century, on  top of a strategic hill named Shangano deriving from the Nambya word meaning to meet. He and his followers built a stone walled enclosure which became the first capital city of the baNambya people.  The baNambya people moved from Shangano city to Bumbusi area in the upper Deka valley during the rerign of the fifth Whange, Shana (1834 to 1860).

The Shangano ruins are located about 20 kilometers from Hwange, off Sinamatella Road.

A full-day program has been planned:

08:00-09:00 Arrival of guests/ participants
09:00 Installation of traditional custodian Chilanga clan
11:45 Presentations of gifts to the Custodian of the shrines All
12:00 Traditional foods display Cooks
12:00 Lunch- traditional food buffet All
13:00 National Anthem in Nambya Chilanga primary
13:05 Welcome  remarks
13:15 Introductions
13:20 Poetry- Kutambula baShe Chilanga primary
13:30 Speech DA
13:45 Speech- History of Nambya people of Hwange and the traditional functions of Chiefs on culture Chief
14:00 Traditional Dance music Mafuko Culture Group
14:15 Speech- Role of association in culture preservation Chairman Nambya Cultural Assoc.
14:20 Dramatization Installation of Chief St Marys Primary
Speech NMMZ
14:30 Key Note Speech- Importance of culture Preservation Chief Juctice Kamocha
15:00 Mhande dance St Marys Primary
15:15 Nsumbule dance  Diki Traditional group
15:30 Solidarity speeches from wellwishers All
15:45 Networking All
16:00 Closure and departure