Village aims to revive Nambya culture

Reprinted from Zambezi Traveller

— Just kilometres from Victoria Falls town a new development is taking shape. Local entrepreneur Marcus Mathe is building Kune Ngoma Cultural Village for the purpose of showcasing and reviving the indigenous Nambya language and traditions which are in danger of being lost among other imported cultures.
The village features thirteen traditional Nambya huts where four families live. When complete, a theatre hall for performing arts, training and presentations will complement a training centre for arts and crafts. A 5, 000 square metre campsite for caravans, tents and outdoor activities is almost complete, and guest chalets and lodges are to be built.

Mathe is a social and cultural anthropologist and tour guide, currently studying business leadership with the Zimbabwe Open University; previously he was a coordinator of the Craft Village in Victoria Falls.
Kune Ngoma Cultural Village is registered with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, committed to resuscitating Nambya culture and empowering the local communities of Hwange District.
The indigenous Nambya language and culture of Hwange District is fast vanishing. When a Nambya man or woman marries outside his tribe, he or she tends to adopt the language of the partner